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Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan

Plum Flower Brand

Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan
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Plum Flower- Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan

Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan (Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang, 防己黄芪丸), literally "Stephania & Astragalus Teapills" in Chinese, tonifies the Qi, strengthens the Spleen, expels Wind-Damp, promotes Urination, reduces Edema, and alleviates Pain in the terms of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese herb may be used for edema, swelling, pain, especially in the knees, and fatigue.

Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan is an often suggested weight loss Chinese medicine. For this purpose it may be combined with the related Chinese herbal formulas listed at the right.



A proprietary blend* of

Astragalus membranaceus root
Stephania tetrandra root
Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome
Ziziphus jujuba fruit
Zingiber officinale rhizome-fresh
Glycyrrhiza uralensis root



(Huang qi)
(Fang ji)
(Bai zhu)
(Da zao)
(Sheng jiang)
(Gan cao)

This formula list may appear differently from the label of the product you receive.

*Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan is made of 100% pure authentic Chinese herbs of highest qualities. Traditional preparation procedures are combined with modern pharmaceutical processes to extract the active ingredients from the herbs and to further concentrate them into pills or tablets. It is produced in the certified GMP facilities of Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Plum Flower) and is imported to USA in accordance with the FDA guidelines.

It contains no pharmaceuticals, no artificial colors, and no sugar. The content of heavy metals is much lower than that set by US Pharmacopeia. Additionally, Plum Flower only uses its own brand unsulfured herbs for production.

One top Chinese herbs brand:
Plum Flower: 33 grams in 165 mg 200 pills per bottle.
Take 8 pills 3 times daily.

Use Discretion:

Side Effects:
Fang Ji Huang Qi Wan has been safely used with few adverse effects.

Cautious Notes:
1. Do not use for edema due to excess without Qi deficiency.
2. Keep out of reach of children.

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